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New Photo of a White iPhone 4g has surfaced. Is it real or Not?

posted May 25, 2010, 4:13 PM by BubbleBurst W   [ updated May 25, 2010, 4:54 PM ]
Could this be another fumble for apple. Ever since Gizmodo annouced and displayed the new iPhone 4g prototype on the internet for everyone to see. There was a big buzz rumbleing about wether it was real or fake. Once Apple requested the return of the prototype, there was no question wether it was real or fake. Leaving Apple with a bright redden face, resulting from their carelessness of such a sought after item. However, could be that they did it again? Did they lose another prototype of the iPhone 4g in white? I seriously dought that Apple would allow that to happen again. The iphone in this picture is being displayed next to a black iPhone 4g. As we all know the iPhone 4g was returned to Apple. So there is no way possible that this picture was recently take next to the black one purshased by Gizmodo. How that does not leave out the fact that the picture in its self was leaked. There is no real way find wether it is true or false. The only thing I can say is that production of "iPhone Clones" are well known to appear as if it were real. Honestly there is now way to find out wether or not this iPhone is real or not. The following article can be found at <<CNET>>

New photographs circulating around the Internet are reported to be of the forthcoming iPhone 4G (not currently confirmed by Apple), now sporting a white front. Rumors that Apple would continue to offer the black and white color choices have been circulating for quite some time and would seem to be accurate, if these photographs are indeed real. Questions about the authenticity of these pictures could be because the white iPhone is not actually assembled (note the Home button's setting).

Despite the fact that the white front plate is only resting on the iPhone unit, the construction of the surface seems to be an exact match with the construction of the black iPhone.

It would make sense that Apple would offer the white-faced version of the next-generation iPhone, keeping in line with its current iPhone color scheme."