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iPad Review

posted Sep 17, 2010, 6:27 PM by BubbleBurst W
After review the iPad for a full month I am ready to give my full and honest review.
As soon as I got the ipad I was a bit disappointed since I was expecting it to be more like a handheld computer.. I don't know why since I new it was going to be a 9inch itouch, however I did expect a bit more. However after having the ipad for a full month I have notice that i spend almost every free moment I have on the ipad. Some of the applications on the ipad store are a bit to pricey for my taste. Especially when you can get that same application for the iphone (which works for the ipad either way) are a bit more cheaper. I have been able to log on to my Blackboard, youtube, website, gooogle adsense, analystics, and many other website. I am able to edit and add several posts on my blog and website. I do with that we would be able to upload file saved on my ipages or applications however it is extremely very productive.