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HTC HD7 UpDate "NO DO"

posted Mar 13, 2011, 7:14 PM by BubbleBurst W   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 6:49 PM ]
BY:Mary Wiekel
The much anticipated and needed Windows Phone updated is expected to be released sometime mid March. There would be no point in assigning a precise  day since, Windows does not follow the normal distribution pattern of " a simple universal download". Windows base their distribution  process on fractions, (Certian people get it and certain people have to wait).For some lucky window phones users the update would be received  as soon as it is released and others it might take days or even weeks to get their hand on the update. (Based on the distribution pattern from the previous update (update for the "No Do"update)
I don't really know the specifics on the features offered with the update ( visit windows phone blog for three named features) but one can only hope for, flash content and other basic phone features to be unlocked. (Unlikely)
I do not see flash coming to windows 7 any time soon however, it would be a great surprise if this coming update would enable such features especially since, rumors have it that windows new firmware name "No Do" is a punt for Androids "doughnut" firmware. So why insult when you can't produce anything remotely similar, (that however is my opinion). I won't be a complete  nuisance   towards the Windows Phone, it is remarkably  fast, (been using it for about a month with no decrease in speed performance. However the  lack several of the phones basic functionality, such as, copy and paste ( which will be included in "No Do" Update) personalized ringtones, flash, landscape web browsing go bar, ability to use as a drive or to upload file from computer to phone ect.. This phone has the potential to be great however its pre-pubescent release will cause this phones "much anticipated" phone to loose its hype.